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Developmental milestones record - 6 months

Alternative names

The developmental milestones record - 6 months refers to the skills and physiologic growth markers regarded as having particular relevance for 6 month-old infants.


Physical and motor:

  • Should have doubled birth weight
  • Able to lift chest and head while on stomach bearing the weight on hand
  • Able to sit in a high chair with a straight back
  • Beginning of teething
  • Increased drooling
  • Able to bear almost all weight when supported in a standing position
  • Able to roll from back onto abdomen
  • Able to hold own bottle (but many babies won't do it or only for short periods)
  • Able to pick up a dropped object

Sensory and cognitive:

  • Vision has improved to between 20/60 and 20/40
  • Can localize sounds not made in a direct plane with the ear
  • Prefers more complex auditory stimulation
  • Starts to imitate sounds
  • Sounds resemble one-syllable words
  • Enjoys hearing own voice
  • Makes sounds to mirror and toys
  • Begins to fear strangers
  • Recognizes parents
  • Begins to imitate actions
  • Begins to realize that if an object is dropped, it is still there and just needs to be picked up


  • Provide a mirror that is unbreakable
  • Provide large, bright colored toys that make noise or have moving parts
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Provide paper to tear
  • Speak clearly
  • Imitate words such as "mama" to facilitate learning of language
  • Start naming parts of the body and the environment
  • Use the word "no" INFREQUENTLY
  • Use body movements and actions to teach language

Update Date: 5/9/2002

Elizabeth Hait, M.D., Department of Pediatrics, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

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