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Developmental milestones record - 18 months

Alternative names

This article describes the skills and growth markers relevant to 18 month-old children.


Physical and motor:
  • Anterior fontanel (soft spot on the front of the head) should be closed
  • Growth slows to approximately 8 grams per day, and appetite declines
  • The child is physically able to control sphincter muscles, but the child may not be psychologically ready to use the toilet
  • Able to run with a lack of coordination
  • Falls frequently
  • Able to jump in place
  • Able to get onto chairs without assistance
  • Walks up stairs with one hand held
  • Can build a tower of 3 to 4 blocks
  • Imitates scribbling
  • Can turn the pages of a book two or three at a time
Sensory and cognitive:
  • Can say 10 or more words
  • Identifies parts of the body
  • Understands and able to identify through pointing common objects
  • Frequently imitates
  • Feeds self
  • Able to take off some clothing items
    • Gloves
    • Shoes
    • Socks
  • Begins to feel a sense of ownership identifying people and objects by saying "my"
  • Encourage and provide the necessary space for physical activity
  • Provide safe replicas of adult tools and equipment for the child to play with
  • Allow the child to help around the house and participate in the daily responsibilities of the family
  • Encourage play that involves building and creativity
  • Read to the child
  • Control the type and quantity of television viewing
  • Control the type and quantity of games played

Update Date: 4/15/2003

Elizabeth Hait, M.D., Department of Pediatrics, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

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